Picture of a boys feet after reflexologyHeal ‘n Sole — Holistic services include:  Reflexology, SRT, Reiki, Yoga & Crystal Therapy in Windsor, ON by Kelly White from her office in south Windsor at 1350 Provincial Road, Unit 400 in the Holistic Chiropractic Wellness Centre

I mainly offer two different types of pain relief therapies for my clients, and I think they are a perfect complement to each other in terms of how I can best be of service to you.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Stress Relief                                                                                              artistic rendition of hand reflex points
  • Relaxation
  • Headache and Migraine Relief
  • Repairs Muscle Strain, Sprain and Overuse
  • Eases Digestive Troubles
  • Relieves Sinus Congestion
  • Soothes tired, aching feet and legs
  • Balances mind, body, spirit and emotion
  • and many more benefits…. too numerous to mention

Therapeutic Reflexology treatments are definitely relaxing, and almost everyone tells me they have a solid night’s sleep following a treatment, and sometimes beyond. What else I know to be true from my own experience receiving, as well as giving treatments, is that reflexology helps us to process stuck energy. That could mean energy that’s stuck in the physical body, like gallbladder imbalance, or sinus congestion or headache. It could also mean stuck soul energy. I have had clients experience past life remembrances during a reflexology healing session. Not everyone is able to articulate their problems, or is comfortable with talk therapy. I have also noticed that some people ARE able to share a deeply held concern or problem during a reflexology session, something they didn’t even know needed to be released. Reflexology also helps us to process our emotions, and balances our central nervous system, which makes it easier for us to handle the demands of life. I did my reflexology training during the last few months of my late son’s life (he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). I am certain those weekly reflexology trades I did with my fellow classmates helped me to stay focused and calmer than I would have been otherwise. As complete human beings we are more than our bodies – we are mind, body, spirit and emotion. Reflexology is a complete therapeutic treatment designed to bring all aspects of us into balance and harmony – and you can’t beat how you feel after a treatment!

Spiritual Response Therapy is more like talk therapy. In combination with your birthday numbers, and using Aquarian Numerology to see your soul’s plan in this incarnation, we discuss where you feel and are limited, and we use SRT to clear limiting soul beliefs, patterns and programs. This discussion often leads us to explore conscious co-creation and ways in which you can use the power of your free will choice to create the outcomes you desire. Body programs can be cleared, and we can clear physical space, businesses, homes and relationship challenges. This is also a modality that completely addresses us in our human form and helps us to integrate mind, body, spirit and emotion in a harmonious, gentle, very effective way. If you have long standing physical issues that don’t resolve with physical therapies, an SRT session might reveal blocks to healing or body programs that need to be cleared. Once those are cleared, the physical therapies become more effective.

To summarize, if you have something on your mind, and you want to talk it out, an SRT session could bring relief and clarity. If you feel stuck energy in your body and you’d rather not talk it out, reflexology could be your answer.. Used alone, or in combination, both SRT and reflexology provide gentle, effective means by which we can function wholly and well. It is my desire to support you using my gifts as a healer, with the intention of serving the best and highest good for everyone concerned.

Reiki Ideals – the secret art of inviting happiness……

Just for today, do not be angry

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people

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