I have come to understand that healing is a process that takes place on many levels and in its own time.  Kelly’s intuitive nature and compassionate demeanour as a Reflexologist and energy practitioner has been integral in my healing and growth.  Her work with me has had a positive impact in helping me to eliminate not only physical pain but emotional and Spiritual as well.  Along with providing a safe and nurturing environment, Kelly is able to guide and inspire me to tap into my own healing potential.  I am grateful and blessed to work with her. ~ Susan Renaud
In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that Kelly is my sister. HOWEVER, the experience I describe below is not embellished. It is fact, an accurate description of her healing powers.
About a month ago, I went for a bike ride on a hilly island off the coast of Washington state. To be fair, I’m not in great cycling shape, but I decided while cycling up these hills, that I would be a wimp if I stood and rode. So yes, why not act like I was riding in the Tour-de-France and take the hills sitting. It works for the pros, why not for me? Did I mention I’m not in great cycling shape? The end result? I managed to pull the muscles in my middle-lower back on the left-hand side. I woke the next morning in extreme discomfort. I had trouble twisting and couldn’t get comfortable sitting or lying down. My sleep was disrupted because every horizontal position was uncomfortable. I had two massages 4 days apart trying to work out the kinks. Neither massage worked. By the time I got to Banff to vacation with the family a week and a half later, I was still in pain and it was getting worse. 
My sister and I were sharing a bed and she got to witness first hand my discomfort as I tossed and turned and tried to find a comfortable position. On the second night of disrupting her sleep, she asked if she could help me by giving me a Reiki treatment. I figured it couldn’t hurt. I fell asleep as Kelly healed my back through Reiki. When I awoke the next morning the pain was gone. Vanished. Non-existent. After almost two weeks of pain and discomfort, she had healed me. I have since been back on my bike twice, tackling hills, and the pain and discomfort hasn’t returned. I’m not sure where it went, but I was glad to see it go. Love conquers all. And love, combined with powerful healing energy, is downright formidable.  ~Robin M. White, Seattle, WA
My journey back to health and wellness has been a long struggle for me.  I never would have made it this far without the healing power of Reflexology.  I instantly felt a strong and powerful connection with Kelly, whose philosophy on healing and wellness are a perfect fit for my own.  From my very first session with Kelly I achieved the deep relaxation needed by the body to release its own natural healing powers.  Kelly is always completely aware from her sensitive touch just exactly what my body is in need of a t that moment.  Kelly would tell you that it is your own body doing the work, but I will tell you, her fingers are like magic to me!
Karen Senechal, MLT, B.Sc., B.Ed, Professor of Medical Laboratory Science, St. Clair College

WOW! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE!  That is the best way I can describe my reflexology treatment yesterday. I’ve had reflexology treatments in the past and no one has ever done a treatment better than Mary, a nurse friend of mine…until I had this last one with Kelly.  Prior to my  treatment I  had all sorts of plans to run a few errands afterward, but to my body’s insistence I wanted to go straight home, well, after my hair appointment which was right after my treatment.  I was like a rag doll in the hair salon, I was so relaxed and almost giddy, all I could think about was going home to bed which I did.  I slept for half an hour then got up and still felt like a rag doll, in a good way.  I was just sooooo relaxed so I laid around some more. I’ve never taken a prescription drug like Valium or whatever people are prescribed by their doctors to relax, but I’m sure that the treatment Kelly gave me was more powerful than any prescription drug and without the side effects.  I can only assume that the treatment stimulated my body to release a lot of stress that I was storing.  This is yet again, another holistic treatment where I experienced such a profound effect, fueling my passion for promoting the tremendous health benefits of the various treatments that are available through the healing arts.  I know stress is the precursor to all diseases and so it just makes sense to me to tap into more natural ways to release the stress by seeking out treatments that will help do just that.  In Light…Cindy R. Owner, Integrative Healing Arts Studio & Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc., Tecumseh, ON


Experiencing reflexology with Kelly D’Souza of Heal ‘n Sole has opened tightness and created healing in my body like no other treatment I have ever experienced. The technique and understanding that Kelly provides has opened a comprehensive and holistic  path to healing my body. Reflexology has given me a greater physical understanding of how my feet work , stimulate and ground me in my yoga practice. My treatments with Kelly help me breathe and feel better.  Kelly as a reflexologist is kind and connected to her clients. She is  positive, knowledgeable and extremely present in her treatments. Kelly empowers you to work with your own energy and helps guide you on your path to healing. ~Dianne Bondy, Founder and Owner of Eastside Yoga Studio, Windsor ON


I first went to see Kelly to see if she could help with painful nerve trauma that I was suffering from, after what was supposed to be a routine out-patient surgery.  I really had no idea what to expect and really didn’t know what energy healing or reflexology was; but I was willing to try anything.  It turns out I was surprised by what transpired.  I thought I would be sitting or lying passive during the treatment.  However, my body had different  ideas.  It was as if all the pain and grief that was stored deep in my muscle tissue started to release.  One of the most amazing moments was when I began to feel my heart chakra spinning faster and faster and then releasing all the tension. ~Helen


Hi Kelly;  good news;  wasn’t sure what to expect, as I figured the overall effect would be subtle.  The feeling of being balanced and very grounded has lasted.  No headaches or other weird aftereffects.  And yes, a very good night’s sleep.  And to my great surprise, I woke up this morning with no pain in my lower back/hip.  It usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes of moving in the morning before everything functions as it should and I have been pain free all day.  So very positive 24 hr effects.  I think I should add you to my monthly health and wellness regime.
With many thanks, Marliese

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