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NEW!  Monthly Class – – Spiritual Mentoring for Self-Mastery 

The idea for this series of classes was born from the success of the Connection Class workshops that Kelly has been teaching over the past year.  Self-mastery is gained firstly through self-awareness and secondly through a disciplined practice.  The goal of these classes is to gain insight into the ways in which we limit ourselves through the thoughts we think, which leads to the words we use and the things we do, which quite often leads to outcomes we don’t actually desire!

Through discussion, group clearing using SRT and understanding how to use Releasing Statements to reprogram the subconscious mind, each participant will leave the monthly session with more clarity, lightness and a few more tools and techniques with which to develop their intuition, and ultimately, mastery over their human experience here on Earth.

Kelly is committed to creating and holding sacred space for healing and transformation each month.  When we gather as a group and focus our energies on a common goal, we accelerate and amplify the healing experience for all.

When each person consciously cultivates peace and harmony within themselves FIRST, everyone in their sphere of influence benefits as well.

The topic for the March class is ~ Chakras explained

The class format will include:

Breath exercises to become centred and grounded. 

Intention setting.

Explanation of the class topic. 

Exploration of the topic. 

Clearing any blocks to the monthly topic of focus.

Practical and easy to use tools for implementing and integrating this concept. 

The class will always include time for Q & A; questions need not be related to the monthly topic.

Each participant will receive an SRT clearing at each class.  There absolutely will be healing and illumination that takes place during these classes.  Group energy will facilitate and accelerate greater healing and growth for each individual.

Please RSVP by email or text message (519-791-1973) 
*Payment must be made prior to start of class.  

Check out my Heal ‘n Sole Facebook page or my newsletter for more event details.

DATES:  second Wednesday of every month (next and final class April 8)

TIME:  7:00-8:30pm 

PLACE:  shō, art, spirit & performance, 628 Monmouth Road in Walkerville

FEE:  $50.85              click here to use PayPal                             

You may attend a stand alone class; however, each class will build upon the teachings of the previous month.  You are encouraged to attend as many as you can in the series, which, hopefully, is all of them!

Kelly hosts a FREE online meditation group EVERY morning from 5:30-6:00am.  Send Kelly an email request to join the group, and she will send you the Zoom link, you can attend from anywhere providing you have internet connection.

REGISTER NOW for the Connection Class ~ Sunday, March 1st, 2020  

The name says it all.  I’m talking about how to connect with your Angels and Guides and how to establish and really rely upon your intuition for knowing, not wondering, knowing what’s best for you.  So many people are dis-connected from the Source of their inner intelligence.  Intelligence is the language of the heart, and intellect is the language of the brain.  We need to bring the intelligence of the heart into the brain, and the intellect of the brain into the heart.  We need to connect.

The Connection Class/Workshop is designed to give you practical tools that you can use anywhere to recognize and instantly tap into your Self.  I teach you how to use a pendulum (that I’ve made, cleared and blessed) and how to use applied kinesiology (muscle test and sway test).  Ultimately, you will learn, practice and know that your body is a fool-proof indicator of what serves you best.  

Location:  shō art, spirit & performance at 628 Monmouth Road

Date & Time:  Sunday, March 1, 2020  1:00-4:00pm

Fee:  $101.70 paid in full by etransfer, in person at the clinic (cash, debit, credit) or PayPal

 click here to use PayPal 

** fee includes a pendulum and course materials for practice at home

Here’s some feedback from the March 1st class – – –

Hi Kelly,

Thank you so much for the workshop this afternoon.

I appreciated: the environment, really beautiful selection of pendulums, you leading us graciously through the workshop with interaction and real time application, the content, amount of materials and duration of the workshop, refreshments and finally, the gift of me learning how to tap into my internal knowing. Wow!  JH

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