Upcoming Connection Class Workshop at Shō Spirit Art & Performance at 628 Monmouth Road, Walkerville-Windsor

DATE & TIME:  Sunday, August 18th from 1-5pm  * this class is full please be in touch if you would like to register the next time I run this workshop


One of my areas of expertise is helping people look inside, to the teacher within for answers to both the mundane and the profound. I coach my clients using a modality called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Yogic Numerology. This is soul clearing work, based on the understanding that we are all essentially infinite spirit beings having a human experience here on planet Earth. Many of us are caught in the notion that we are separate from Life, from Creation, from Universal Source Energy or God, or whatever term resonates with you. This feeling of or belief in separateness is what causes us to suffer and look externally for answers or solutions to our problems.

Every person has their own dedicated team of Divine Helpers whose job it is to guide and protect, and this Inner Intelligence has all the answers to all the questions that you could ever think to ask about what is best for you. I created this workshop to give you the tools to connect with this inner intelligence in a simple, straightforward way that can be used daily to communicate with your personal team of angels and guides known as your High Self. With daily practice, your intuition becomes stronger, and making right choices gets easier and easier as confusion becomes a thing of the past.

I teach 3 types of muscle testing techniques, including how to use a pendulum for getting answers to yes and no questions. There will be opportunity to practice and time for discussion and questions. My main objective is to give you tools and techniques to develop and strengthen self-awareness. This is a global time for waking up; we are being called to do the work to embody self-responsibility – no one can do this for us! It starts with connection to Life.

I hand craft each pendulum as a creative, meditative exercise. This pendulum is included in the course fee.

Course fee is $100 – includes pendulum, worksheets and light refreshment at the break.

In order to optimize your experience, space is limited. Please secure your spot by emailing me and making payment in full by etransfer to :

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Monthly Yoga Sessions at Shō Spirit Art & Performance 

Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7:30-8:45pm

Saturdays 11:15am – 12:30pm (suspended until September)

  • Drop in $20/class
  • 1 class/week = $60/month
  • 2 classes/week = $100/month
  • 3 classes/week = $120/month
  • *fees are paid in full by the first class of the month, except for drop-in classes which are pay-as-you-go
  • **cash, cheque, etransfer, debit and credit card are accepted

Kelly hosts a FREE online meditation group weekday mornings from 5:30-6:00am.  Send Kelly an email request to join the group, and she will send you the Zoom link, you can attend from anywhere providing you have internet connection.

October 1st 2018 Kelly undertook the task of reading one complete volume of Canada’s Truth & Reconciliation Report (TRR) in one year’s time, as a way to do her part in giving voice to the truth regarding the atrocious experiences of Aboriginal Canadians. The 550 page section, Volume 1, part 2 is only one part of the complete 2894 page document.  The Reading Schedule is posted below the Preface.  Read the Preface from the TRR:

Canada’s residential school system for Aboriginal children was an education system in name only for much of its existence. These residential schools were created for the purpose of separating Aboriginal children from their families, in order to minimize and weaken family ties and cultural linkages, and to indoctrinate children into a new culture—the culture of the legally dominant Euro-Christian Canadian society, led by Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. The schools were in existence for well over 100 years, and many successive generations of children from the same communities and families endured the experience of them. That experience was hidden for most of Canada’s history, until Survivors of the system were finally able to find the strength, courage, and support to bring their experiences to light in several thousand court cases that ultimately led to the largest class-action lawsuit in Canada’s history.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was a commission like no other in Canada. Constituted and created by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, which settled the class actions, the Commission spent six years travelling to all parts of Canada to hear from the Aboriginal people who had been taken from their families as children, forcibly if necessary, and placed for much of their childhoods in residential schools.
This volume is a summary of the discussion and findings contained in the Commission’s final multi-volume report. The Final Report discusses what the Commission did and how it went about its work, as well as what it heard, read, and concluded about the schools and afterwards, based on all the evidence available to it. This summary must be read in conjunction with the Final Report.
The Commission heard from more than 6,000 witnesses, most of whom survived the experience of living in the schools as students. The stories of that experience are sometimes difficult to accept as something that could have happened in a country such as Canada, which has long prided itself on being a bastion of democracy, peace, and kindness throughout the world. Children were abused, physically and sexually, and they died in the schools in numbers that would not have been tolerated in any school system anywhere in the country, or in the world.
But, shaming and pointing out wrongdoing were not the purpose of the Commission’s mandate. Ultimately, the Commission’s focus on truth determination was intended to lay the foundation for the important question of reconciliation. Now that we know about residential schools and their legacy, what do we do about it?
Getting to the truth was hard, but getting to reconciliation will be harder. It requires that the paternalistic and racist foundations of the residential school system be rejected as the basis for an ongoing relationship. Reconciliation requires that a new vision, based on a commitment to mutual respect, be developed. It also requires an understanding that the most harmful impacts of residential schools have been the loss of pride and self-respect of Aboriginal people, and the lack of respect that non-Aboriginal people have been raised to have for their Aboriginal neighbours. Reconciliation is not an Aboriginal problem; it is a Canadian one. Virtually all aspects of Canadian society may need to be reconsidered. This summary is intended to be the initial reference point in that important discussion. Reconciliation will take some time.”

*Join Kelly online Friday mornings 7:30-8:00am to read from the TRR Volume 1, Part 2.  Please email or text your request to get the link to the online meeting room.  Additionally, we meet as a group the last Wednesday of every month to read aloud from the TRR from 6:30-8:00pm at shō, art, spirit & performance at 628 Monmouth Road

Please call or text 519-791-1973 for more information.

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