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The first step in my Das Prakash Healer practicum work is sharing this interesting online course with you.
The course is presented by Master Numerologist, Yogi Akal.  It will help you understand yourself in a new way, and provides you with some easy techniques to use to shift your energy.
Have you ever wondered about the power of your birthday?  What does your birth date mean for you?
Every question you may have, has an answer.  That answer not only lies inside of you but also in the numbers.  Calculating these numbers and organizing them into a pattern gives us an enormous amount of information about ourselves; past, present and future.
This system, known as Yogic Numerology, or the language of numbers is the oldest system of counselling known to humankind and is the most sacred and accurate.
In this three week course, The Power of Your Birthday, you will learn how to use birth dates to calculate your transformation number and you will be given simple transformational techniques you can practice.
Discounted practicum fee: $99 (regular fee is $199)
The fee is discounted in return for filling out the Practicum Evaluation.
Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and register now by clicking here

You have three months access to the online course once you purchase.

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