Young Living Essential Oils

I recently added Young Living Essential Oils to my tool kit.  Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) are best quality therapeutic grade essential oils.  I use them in combination with either pure jojoba oil or pure organic coconut oil when I’m giving reflexology treatments.  Did you know the second largest pores on your body are found on the soles of your feet?  What a great place to receive the benefits of essential oils.

Recently, I’d run out of my usual health store brand of oil of oregano so I replaced it with YLEO brand Oregano Oil.  I usually put 3-4 drops straight under my tongue when I feel a cold or flu coming on, but I strongly caution against this practice with YLEO Oregano essential oil.  This brand of essential oil is so pure, 1-2 drops is sufficient, and definitely chase with a glass of organic apple juice or some other pure juice!  One or two drops in a glass of water or  juice, once or twice a day and my symptoms disappear.  Rarely have I needed to dose more than twice to get relief from my symptoms.

Since I’ve been sampling the products, I tried the Thieves Household Cleaner – and not only does it smell awesome (a blend of 5 essential oils known for their immune enhancing, antioxidant and bacteria fighting properties:  Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus radiata & Rosemary) it really gets surfaces clean too.  I will admit that I hadn’t cleaned under my exhaust fan over my stove since the summer and when I noticed it, it was a greasy mess.  So, I thought, let’s give this Thieves stuff a try.  I tried it diluted, somewhat effective.  I tried it concentrated and it worked easily to remove the greasy buildup.  No more toxic chemical cleaners for me.  Since my son was diagnosed with cancer, I am committed to using as many all natural solutions for cleaning, consumption and healing that I can.  I feel good about choosing safer products for me and my family.

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