About Kelly

Kelly had a life altering experience when her middle child was diagnosed with and eventually passed from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 17.  It was that experience, and in particular, the experience of witnessing her son live his life so fully and joyfully in spite of his prognosis, that nudged Kelly awake.  Sometimes Life calls us to wakefulness through very challenging circumstances.

The years following her son’s death and the end of her marriage began an intensive search for inner and outer peace and calm.  Yoga, Reflexology and Reiki were the first healing modalities that Kelly experimented with.  She found great relief for her pain (in mind, body, spirit and emotion) from these healing sessions and soon noticed a strong desire to share what she knew to be of immense value to her.

Kelly studied Reflexology at Blok’s Hands of Healing, in Windsor, ON and was certified as an RRPr in June 2011.  Kelly was introduced to Energy Medicine by Elaine Grohman during Zach’s illness.  She witnessed the calming, soothing effect that Energy Medicine treatments had on her son and felt compelled to learn this technique as well.  She studied under Elaine and was certified in Michigan in September 2011.

Kelly completed Reiki I training (Usui Reiki Master, Mary Ellen Wojie, in Michigan) and is delighted to add this ancient Japanese treatment modality for relaxation and stress reduction to her repertoire.  Kelly also sought out regular Reiki treatments for herself during her son’s illness and since.  She has truly witnessed, in both the giving and the receiving of Reiki, how our body’s wisdom sends the Reiki energy where it needs to go in order to facilitate healing – all we have to do is show up!  She practises Reiki daily, and all of her Reflexology treatments include Reiki –>  R & R

Kelly studied Crystal & Energy Healing under Judi Bechard at The School of Infinite Awakenings and was certified in 2012.

Kelly got her Advanced SRT certification in November 2015, and studied Aquarian Numerology (an ancient Science that has its roots in Kundalini Yoga) 2015-16 with Catherine Marshall, and Yogi Akal (2017).

Kelly believes that the greatest tool for self-help available to all of us is Yoga. She continues to witness, with tremendous gratitude, the transformative power of this ancient practice in herself.  As a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200 – under the tutelage of Dianne Bondy), she is blessed to witness her students’ transformations as well.   She became certified as an Aerial Yoga Teacher (January 2014) and a Stand-up Paddle Board Instructor (May 2014).  Kelly also completed Pilates Teacher training with Nikki Sebastian at Breathe Pilates and Fitness Studio.

April 2017, Kelly added MPS Dolphin (needle-less acupuncture) to her repertoire.  This brilliant little handheld device is helping clients get quick and lasting relief from their aches and pains, and is a safe, easy adjunct to Reflexology treatments.

Walking along the Detroit River, SUPing on Lake St. Clair, tending to her garden, and star gazing are among a few of the ways that Kelly uses the power of Mother Earth to restore balance in mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Kelly holds a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.

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